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QCubed (pronounced 'Q' - cubed) is a PHP5 Model-View-Controller framework. The goal of the framework is to save development time around mundane, repetitive tasks - allowing you to concentrate on things that are useful AND fun. QCubed is one of the few frameworks which takes off a huge chunk of your problem by generating ORM code which helps you at every step of your development.

While QCubed is excellent for enterprise style projects where in you deal a lot with forms and data input, it is equally suitable for a website to be used by millions of web wanderers. This wiki is there to help you around with articles, explanations and tips. You might want to look at the Features of QCubed or have a look at the Tutorial.

Asking for help

If you want to ask questions about QCubed, the best way is to ask a question on StackOverflow. If you want to file a bug, you can go to GitHub repo and file a bug report.

If you want me to cover a particular problem or a feature of QCubed in this wiki, please send me an email at and I will try my best to put it here.


We have (and will continue in future to) grouped the documentation according to versions. Latest version is 3.0.

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